Dixon Melon Types

Types of Dixon Melons

Muskmelon –  Most people call it a cantaloupe, but it is technically a musk melon.   This melon has a rough netted exterior with juicy orange flesh.  The smell and flavor that these melons deliver will most definitely impress even the most sophisticated melon connoisseur.  All grocery stores that carry our melons will have our muskmelon!

Sinful – This melon is a Galia type melon.  It has a slightly netted skin with a peachy hue.  The flesh is white and the flavor is sweet with a tropical flavor.  This melon does not disappoint and can only be found at Farmers’ Markets, as it does not have a long shelf life.

Honey Orange – This tricky melon looks just like your “ordinary” honeydew on the outside, but has a pale orange flesh on the inside.  Each crispy bite is so sweet, you’d think you were eating candy.

Crenshaw – This a behemoth of a melon, weighing as much as 12 pounds!  It has a bright yellow skin and is shaped much like a spaghetti squash.  The flesh is a soft, pale-orange, taste similar to a cantaloupe, but is smoother and very sweet!  Crenshaw’s are mostly a Farmers’ Market melon.

Yellow Watermelon – There are yellow watermelons?  Yes!  They are so delicious.  This round-shaped, striped watermelon has a beautiful yellow-orange seeded flesh that delivers a slightly creamy watermelon flavor.  Some stores carry our watermelon, but they can definitely be found at the Farmer’s Markets!

Big Red Watermelons – This massive watermelon is an ultra-sweety traditional seeded red-fleshed watermelon.  If you’re having a party, this huge, flavorful melon will be fit for a large crowd.  You can find these at participating Farmers’ Markets.

Red Football Watermelon – This smaller oblong striped melon packs a lot of flavor in a little package.  The red seeded flesh is oh so sweet and you don’t have to have an army  to finish it.  This melon has a great shelf  life and can be found at select grocery stores as well as Farmers’ Markets.